Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I am tired! I drove a lot of miles in the last 5 days with only one day of no driving. These buzzards in this picture are waiting for me to drop, because I am dead on my feet!

We are at Ocean Canyon RV Resorts - Styx River in Robertsdale Alabama. It is very nice here. This time of year it is about 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 8 at night. Perfect for me, but a little cold yet for Gerry.

We have an ROD membership (Resorts of Distinction), thanks to my first mother-in-law Marian, who so generously transferred her membership to me when we bought Myrtle. This resort, and the one in Abita Springs, Louisiana (just outside New Orleans) both belong to ROD, so we can stay free for up to 2 weeks at each place. We can come back and stay free for another 2 weeks, but we have to leave for at least a week between stays. Nice. There are a more, we just don't know exactly where we are staying yet. Some resorts are affiliated but charge $9.00 a night, while others give a discount. We will be staying here until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the weather, Gerry's migraines and my back. :)

First thing we did when we turtled in yesterday afternoon was go for a walk along the river out back. Here are some pictures on my facebook page:

Second thing we did was crash.


  1. The buzzard comment was me. Sounds like you are having a good time. I am so jealous....wish I could have seen churchill downs!

  2. oh Barb, you have to talk Neil into taking a road trip. You would love this. Churchill Downs was fun, but we were both so pooped we only stayed for 3 races. This would be a nice trip to take earlier in the year when it is warmer in the mid-states. This trip we are focused on getting south, so we really did travel too fast until we hit Alabama. We leave here first thing in the morning to head to Biloxi...only a 2 hour drive. From here on in it is slow and steady. (except of course when we cross the border into Mexico...we want to get through there quick like a bunny)

  3. lol. Bernita, I can't believe I thought B4 was Barb! Where is my brain?

    We girls should take a road trip in the summertime, it would be fun!
    For those who don't know the B4 reference, my siblings all have names that start with a B. Barb is B1, I am B2, Blayne is B3 and last but not least, Bernita is B4.