Sunday, November 6, 2011


So we are camped in Styx River campground we will be here for a few days.I need to recover from my Migraine and Brenda needs to recover from all the driving.We went for a walk along the river for quite aways saw some real nice stuff.And came across an old camp or some idea what it was but i took some pictures.Cant load them at this camp it must be a bad Internet connection.
We went for a bike ride and came across a gun range.It sounded like a war was happening there must of been 50 people there shooting.They had every kind of gun from pistols to machine guns.Sure can tell we are in the US.No way some of the guns here would even be legal in Canada.
This is a nice campground its a high class place.Most of the RV here are over 100,000.We sure stand out with our old Turtle.

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  1. Hey Gerry, nice to see that you're well enough after your migraine to be posting again! And it sounds like you two are having a great trip. Happy trails to you two!