Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travel Day

All 25 of them.And we had to stop half way here to's what Brenda did I went in a Casino.And even escaped without losing anything.I was down 190 dollars at one point and then the next thing I knew I was even again.That's when I ran.
It is amazing how many homes along the coast are still not rebuilt.There is just cement pads some times a quarter of a mile from the beach.I was talking to a guy at the casino who lives 1 mile from the beach and he had 18 inches of water in his house.He says no one can afford the insurance to be able to build close to the beach.They say people are just starting to come back.How long ago was Katrina?
So tonight we are in a park.Because its going to get cold they are saying 32 F.The electric heater well be running all night I'm sure.The park was only 9 dollars.And i have not had to buy GAS in 4 days.So we have had a few real cheap days.

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